Mikita Sazanovich

intro-photo.png My other frequently used name is Nikita Sazanovich.

I have interned 3 times at Google (Calendar, Drive, Brain), once at Uber ATG, and I am currently doing a Research Engineer internship with DeepMind.

Contact me at nikitasazanovich [at] gmail.com.

Machine Learning

Won the Lane Following competition of the AI-DO 3 at NeurIPS 2019! I implemented an imitation learning algorithm, developed its training regime on several datasets and built its architecture with the independence of every neuron in mind. The code is available on GitHub.
Trained a Dota 2 agent using replays of high-rated players available online. Check out the code on GitHub. You can also watch the sample episodes of the agent here and here.
Participated in the AI-DO 2 competition at ICRA 2019. We won the second edition of the competition by integrating a road segmentation algorithm into a conventional autonomous driving stack. The code for the method is on GitHub.
Placed 4-th in the first edition of the AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO 1) by using an end-to-end reinforcement learning algorithm.

Software Engineering

Developed a plugin for IntelliJ based IDEs that allows you to lookup relevant to your editor context documentation on Stack Overflow. The plugin is available for download and open-sourced.

Competitive Programming

Placed at the top 10%, winning a silver medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2015.